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Hello! Welcome to Movie Montage. I'm Meredith, and I will be your tour guide today. Perhaps in your exploration of the wilds of the Internet you came here by accident. Maybe in clicking through similar blogs you suddenly found yourself in this unknown clime. Or maybe you've been here for awhile and wonder what else this site has to offer. Whatever the reason, here's a short list of some posts I like to give a sense of what lies within, separating the sort of good from the bad and the ugly. For return visitors, I appreciate your choice of Movie Montage. For new visitors, If I've done my job right I hope you'll decide to stay awhile. This isn't as exotic as a safari vacation but I'll see if I can make it 1/100th as fun. No guarantees. No refunds.

Features: The End of the Yellow Brick Road, And What I Found ThereThings I Didn't Learn in Film StudiesClassic CastawaysWriting Your Own Obituary-Sunset Boulevard StyleValentine's Day: How Robby the Robot Changed My OutlookMy Humphrey Bogart Stumbling Into A Bookshop Moment
Reviews: Bridesmaids (2011), Vulgarity, and The Case of the Laughing Theater Audience, Snakes on the Plains in King Solomon's MinesQueen Victoria, Colonialism, and The Rains Came (1939)
Editing Spotlights: The Red Shoes (1948)Death of a Cyclist (1955)The Shop Around The Corner As Horror FilmThe SearchersNotorious
Definition of A Favorite Actor Series: Bette DavisMyrna LoyCary Grant