The Film Blog

In terms of content this blog can be broken down as follows.

  • Reviews of films old and new, but mostly old. To be a rogue time traveler is not to get stuck in any one space.
  • Pieces highlighting personal experiences relatable to classic film.
  • Editor's Spotlight: Posts focused on the contributions of a named editor, the importance of editing to a specific film or more microscopic shot breakdowns/scene analysis that also takes into account how editing functions in respect to all other aspects of a production.
  • Other Topics. This could be anything really but some areas of film I'm especially interested in are star studies, new media uses of classic film, home front propaganda pictures of WWII, and a non-auteurist approach to cinema as a way to bring other contributors into the mix.
  • Occasional Wild Card posts on any topic unrelated to film for a little flavor.

Name Above The Title: The url for this site Vote For Gracie is so named because one of my favorite historical quirks is comedienne Gracie Allen's mock Presidential Campaign of 1940 (Those big politicians don't know what to do/Gracie doesn't know either/But neither do you!).

Goal: To aim somewhere between fandom and film analysis, combining critical enquiry with readability. Meat and potatoes with some whipped cream on top. Though hopefully not as disgusting as that sounds.

Montage (n) ; An editing technique most associated with Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein as an alternative to Hollywood continuity. Also refers to the superimposition of several images or a series of shots related to a common theme. Often used to indicate a passage of time.