Sunday, June 3, 2012

Making Citizen Kane 'Modern'

I suppose it's that time to write once again about why I haven't been writing.  Though in this instance I'd like to find some interesting twist besides posting pictures of David Niven riding a mini horse. As always I appreciate those who choose to stick it out and continue following. Being a monkey crashing together cymbals once every couple of months still puts me far behind those of you who are able to keep to an update schedule and maintain the sense of community which I so appreciate here. Honestly a lot has changed for me in the past year and whenever I come on here I feel a little Norma Desmond staring at images on a screen of which she is no longer a part, but I've made comebacks before and hope to make many more.

Last summer I moved across the country to pursue a graduate degree in film editing. For those who knock the practice (and there are reasons to knock it) all I can say is that in post I've found it to be a highly technical program as well as one with a focus on storytelling, and feel that I'll come away with tangible skills that will be useful. Most of the advice I've received on this point has been that it's a personal decision, and for me it has been the right one. Because of this I've had very little time to write or to watch films as I've been trying to make them on a small scale.

The background figure is a pretty accurate representation of how I usually look on set. 

One project I worked on this semester was trying to make a 'modern' Citizen Kane trailer as if it were coming out today. I thought it would be fun since the material seems so out of step with its time to begin with, so why not take that idea a little further? I've no idea how this will be received as I know viewpoints on this sort of exercise to be different among classic film denizens, but I enjoyed the challenge. Hopefully Orson Welles won't rise from his grave and hit me in the face with a french baguette, but it's hard to be sure.

Note: Sounds best with headphones to get the bass. This was made for educational purposes only, therefore no copyright infringement is intended.