Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Security Blanket

There's a meme that travels around the Internet where a girl will take a picture of the contents of her purse. The innards of the bag are meant to give some glimpse into the inner workings of the girl. The only thing I've recognized about myself is that I have a penchant for hoarding ancient pieces of hard candy collected from the 'thank you, come again' bowls stationed at the exits of most restaurants. And yet, whatever this says about myself or my sanity, those fuzzy mints, and the fact that I didn't just remove them like any sane individual probably would, got me thinking.

There are things we all hold on to that tend to take on greater meaning during the holiday season. Old toys, family traditions, torn pieces of paper that have some story we never want to forget. I always go back to classic film. When I'm tired or when I'm stressed, even if I don't have time to watch a whole film, I can still count on the drunken Jean Arthur scene in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to pull me out of a funk.

Going into 2012 I'll always have those cherished go-tos that make movies magic. The mints will be thrown in the trash, but decades later the same gestures repeated again and again, now part of an unchanging, well oiled machine, delight just as they did in the galaxy far far away that is the past. Next to the family photos, the lip gloss, or the hand mirror, I hope you keep close some secret joy, and that the films we all love continue to inspire for new years to come.


  1. (I LOVE IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. Just had to get that out.)

    I can so relate to this, in so many ways. I was unpacking some boxes after my recent move this past week and I found not one shoe box but two filled with "memorabilia" from my childhood and teen years. Including such necessities as a lock of braided hair from a horse I used to ride, a rock, a sticker from the county fair where I petted a white tiger cub, a pin from my childhood roller skating party at the local rink, etc. Parts of it were amusing and parts of it were just baffling. Why did I feel the need to keep so much stuff? I tried to weed through it and get rid of the bits that don't describe me, define me or held any strong memories. But I love how you consider classic film to play a part in that sort of nostalgia, it's so true for me. When we were young my sister and I used to make a monthly (at least) event of renting Bells are Ringing from the local video store, and occasionally The Pirate. Whenever I look back at them or hear a song from one of the films it takes me right back to those times. It's astonishing the way films can have that sort of affect on you! I think it's rarer now, that's part of what makes the classics so...classic!

  2. Aww so much love for this comment. I've been doing exactly the same thing while I've been visiting home for the holidays (though unfortunately there are still moments where I go 'why on earth would I keep this??' and then I don't throw it out. haha). It's so true that films we love in childhood have an especially strong hold. Even better when you can break out some Mack the Black. :) Happy New Year, Casee!