Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Tribute To Gerald of Laszlo's on Lex

Like others I feared the worst but hoped for the best when Gerald's posts became less and less frequent. I've only just learned of his passing from Matthew's beautiful tribute to him, and can't quite find words to express the loss. Perhaps that's because I know that no one could write them better than Gerald himself.

I never met Gerald. I only knew him through his comments and his posts. To say I felt I knew the man at all is an achievement on his part, because really I only knew his words. He knew so much, and for any not familiar with his blog I encourage you now to read, enjoy, and celebrate.

The thing that strikes me about my too short communication with him is how often our conversations were turned to my own life. There have been occasions where my own set of doubts and frustrations have crept into this blog, and when these moments have happened and I haven't had the good sense to delete five seconds after publishing Gerald was always there to offer a kind, reassuring word. Once, simply, "I feel confident." And it meant a lot. It really meant a lot.

I can only leave the reader with

Random considerations from one who has been down a few roads. Consider or disregard as applicable. Best.



  1. "... read, enjoy and celebrate."
    I've met some wonderful people since I started blogging. Gerald was the best.
    This was really lovely, Meredith.

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