Friday, January 22, 2010

rest in peace, lovely lady. rip jean simmons

Jean Simmons

I was first drawn to Jean by her ethereal beauty in Black Narcissus, her poise in Great Expectations, and her brilliant acting in The Thorn Birds miniseries. She was a great talent and I hope her last moments were peaceful.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Luise Rainier and Vivien Leigh have in common

A Happy 100th Birthday (wow!) to lovely Luise Rainier, who wowed Oscar voters with her ability to cry and talk on the telephone at the same time in The Great Ziegfeld. From the looks of her at The Aviator premier she is doing well and I wish her continued health and happiness. Because of course she's going to be reading this.

Actually it's best that she doesn't because I am now going to admit that I kind of creeped on her a month ago. Because what do she and Vivien Leigh have in common?

A residence! Of course they lived in this posh flat in Belgravia at different times, but Luise passes by Vivien's blue plaque every time she comes and goes making them neighbors in a way. It's rather like Enchantment.