Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In which I devise an evil evil not so secret because I'm telling you right now plan

When I was in middle school I was determined to become a child star on Friends. My plan? Be the problem teenager that Monica and Chandler would adopt because they couldn't have children. I still believe that the writers stole my thoughts and tweaked them to their own liking.

And this is why I have no doubt that my new evil evil not so secret because I'm telling you right now plan will come off brilliantly.

My newest goal?

Write a challenging role for Maggie Smith.

According to the Dame herself, she accepts practically everything offered her, and word on the street is that the poor girl (or should I say gehl?) is no longer being offered plum parts, as is the tragedy of many an aging actor or actress and sadly not surprising. It's pathetic when one of the most talented women around has to play background to Emma Watson.

Therefore, it seems only logical that if I were to write said script, it is practically inevitable that I would be able to work with said talented lady.

So, without further ado, here are the steps that I've devised to reach my goal:

  1. Start writing a script with a fantastic part that could be played by Maggie Smith
  2. Upon realization that I am not talented enough to write a script worthwhile of Maggie Smith, begin building time machine.
  3. Upon building time machine, find Noel Coward.
  4. Upon finding Noel Coward, steal his brain.
  5. Travel back to the present with said brain, write script, work with Maggie Smith
  6. Live happily ever after

Simple, yes?


  1. haha! I love this idea!! But if your blog is any indication of how you would write a script, I don't think you'll need the help of Noel Coward's brain to come up with a good one :-)

    ps. The Friends thing would have been *awesome*

  2. thank you, kate! I haven't worked as much with scripts (and when I have they've been rather rush jobs, so I'd like to think I can do better!) but with practice we'll see. I think I'm just crazy enough to attempt this. :)

  3. i would love to find noel coward and pick his brain! Good idea, go for it!!

  4. that would be just amazing! were I able to create said time machine it would be very hard for me to come back. haha.


    (Can I come with you in the time-machine?! I'll bring food!)

  6. of course you can, millie! it will be an all out party. i'm excited.

  7. haha brilliant idea! I LOVE Maggie smith xxx

  8. so glad you approve, sarah. :D she really is marvelous.