Sunday, June 6, 2010

tip of the hat: some things haven't changed since 1944

I'm generally not one for Carvel unless it has sprinkles and a cherry on top, but yesterday morning I decided to take advantage of my limited access to tcm and watch Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble, a later installment in the Andy Hardy series where Mickey Rooney leaves his beloved home and joins the leagues of "frosh's" at his father's alma matter. Aside from the fact that the logline sounds more in league with Dude, Where's My Car? or those TWINS TWINS TWINS beer ads (from tcm: a college boy has to cope with a pair of beautiful twins) the focus on the life of a freshman in college struck a chord of nostalgia. Alright, so the guys no longer wear suits to class and Herbert Marshall isn't my dean, but the excitement about a new stage of life, the how to survive your first year handbooks, it's still there. And as I look towards my last year at college it was nice to remember and relate to something that's still relevant over 60 years later.


  1. I always wonder how dear Mickey gets all these gorgeous girls! I love it when I watch a movie and realize it has so much in common with my life.

  2. I wonder the same thing! haha. Even more so in real life.