Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the time has come, the walrus said

... to talk of why I have done such a poor job of updating this blog! I have no fancy schmancy excuses and it's not like I'm planning on winning a pulitzer for my content as it is. I've been doing some work for my family, reading war and peace, and trying to fill in some of the holes in my film viewing which I need to write about but judging from many of my past entries I'm just so much better at talking about what I'm planning on writing about then actually writing it. I see your potential nods at my mediocrity, and raise you....

David Niven riding a donkey and holding a parasol, which beats scissors, rock, and paper respectively.

This nonsensical update was brought to you by lux, the beauty soap which will wash away all second hand embarrassment at my inability to produce a quality post.


  1. Meredith:

    For War and Peace -- I'll stay the course. Best.