Thursday, June 10, 2010

come on get happy-it's judy garland's birthday!

It's rather sad to think that she could still be here doing single ladies duets with Liza, but there is more to this talented lady than the tragedies of her life and I think this should be celebrated. So here's to you, amorous glamorous lady. I wonder if there is a Freed unit table at the commissary up in the sky.

Judy Garland was known for her incredible vocal abilities, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight another hidden talent of hers that is less well known. Poetry. The Judy Room has a great page of her poems that everyone should check out.

I leave you with this bit of silliness.


  1. I feel absolutely terrible for forgetting it was her birthday!

    *scurries back to blog to make a quick birthday post before midnight*

    Thank you so much for posting her poetry - I never knew she wrote any, and I've read a couple of biogs. so that's a bit odd that they didn't mention it! I'll be checking that out definitely! (:

    Happy birthday, Judy!

  2. I'm really liking the spam on tumblr today!

  3. sophie-so glad i could introduce you to it!

    kendra-i love it it's like a 24 hour part-ay

  4. Great post! And I loved the video clip. I've never seen it before! I know that Liza Minelli talks often about her mother's sense of humor. It's nice to be able to see that first-hand like that.

  5. thank you sally! it really is something that should be celebrated more often.

  6. Man alive-- can't believe how much I've missed in, hiatus. ;) I just had to comment on this post-- well done! That Freed table thought had me smiling.

  7. this is absolutely true. meaning you can never ever leave again! ;) thank yous and good to see you back around m'lady.