Monday, March 29, 2010

and SNAP. the job's a game!

Due to the upcoming GRE this saturday aft and my reliance on disney films to solve all problems, I've taken to doing anything I can to weather the immense quantities of vocabulary words I don't know as well as I thought I did and math I haven't seen since high school by creating childish tricks to keep such information in my wee brain and maintain a phlegmatic countenance. Didn't know that meant something other than, ahem, a rather unladylike disturbance in the throat? I didn't either chum. My handy dandy vocab cards indicate that I should create unusual sentences to keep this weighty assemblage of words in my head. So what do I do? Use classic film, of course!

For example:

Mr. Potter, a rather avaricious and reprobate sort of fellow, as well as a virulent force in Bedford Falls, chooses to take unfair advantage of the impecunious George Bailey, choosing to prevaricate to maintain power rather than enervate his position in the community. Rather than disabuse the situation, we last see him awaiting the exigent incarceration of George.

Works like a charm.


  1. Oy, let me know how the GRE goes. I need to take it this summer, and I'm not looking forward to it. Where are you applying? I've got my fingers crossed for USC, with UCLA in a close 2nd.

  2. haha, i never took the GRE, which is why I applied overseas! Although i suppose if I ever go go for the PhD in the states, I'll need to take it. We'll see!

  3. The GRE already? Damn. We need to chat it up soon because I need some life updates, for serious.

    Also, any reference to "It's a Wonderful Life" is money.

    CHA-CHING to you.

  4. maggie-will do! usc and ucla are also top of my list, i'm basically applying to the majority of the top ten film production schools and seeing if by some divine intervention (a little brains? a little talent?) I get in to one of them, considering my chances are probably about the same as winning the lottery. So much as I'd love to go I'm not getting my hopes up. I just want to see if it's even an avenue open to me next year. Are you doing cinema studies?

    Kendra that's because you are superr smart. :D still so jealous.

    Rhette i knoooow. i don't know when that will happen right now because i'm like AHHHHH but we will catch up I assure you. I give you a clickity click of the tongue with pointy fingers back atcha. Ya dig?

  5. Good luck on the GRE! I love the way you remember the words. That's brilliant!

  6. Actually, I SUCK at standardized testing. The math got me every time on the SATs back in high school. Luckily, if you're applying for a film program, most of my professors in college said that grad schools don't even really look at your math scores, just the writing and vocab/language ones.

  7. i hope so! and a number of the places i want to apply don't need them at all, at least for the general app though they say they're used for scholarship considerations and things. I'm holding off judgment until I get my writing score and if it's good I'll probably just leave it alone. My score was passable on the vocab section but still not as great as I wanted it to be. I'm not a good standardized test taker either. =/ Basically I'm relying on my GPA and will try to put a wam bam awesome portfolio together this summer. I also want to see if I can get some writing published, which is not up to snuff right now but that is one of my goals between now and application time (and in general, really).