Saturday, March 20, 2010

adventures in hollywoodland 2010

Rather than pawing at a beach ball and drunkenly stumbling along sandy shores as the stereotypical collegiate spring break entails, I chose to enter a time warp of my own design with one of my good friends as Co el capitan. One of our stops? Musso and Frank's grill, serving your favorite stars since 1919. Honestly I don't think the place has changed much since 1919.

We met up with the super snazzy Kendra of who I've known about the internet for eons it seems so it was lovely to meet you! It's always fun when two Vivien Leigh fans plus one admirer who doesn't know as much as the other two *cough* get together. Our waiter was Sergio, who has been a fixture of the establishment since the 1970s and served practically anyone and everyone who was still in town and not at Forest Lawn.

The other characters of our story are entertaining bar patron and wife. I couldn't decide what drink I wanted because I really don't drink often (how very un-Nora Charles of me) and entertaining bar patron suggests I get a Mary Pickford, an off the menu cocktail which sounded perfect for our surroundings, and was also delicious (maraschino, grenadine, pineapple juice, and rum should you care to know). Another thing I love about M&F's is that they didn't card me. I'm legal and all but the majority of the world seems to think I'm not a day over 14. Maybe they assume anyone who dines there has an 85 year old soul, I'm not sure. After thanking entertaining bar patron, he says "you know who that is, don't you?"

Oh ho ho you have no idea what table you're messing with, sir.

We quickly proved that we did in fact know who she is, and much more, and if I'd thought of it I would've said that I'm more of a Lillian Gish girl myself. Well done, angels.

Now back to Sergio. As someone who has served there for ages, of course we had to grill him. Apparently of the newer set Johnny Depp is one of his chums and gives a 5000% tip. But of course being us we also wanted to know about those of days gone by, and being me I only wanted to know who was the nicest and prettiest of them all.

The super nice?


The super gorgeous and super gracious?

No surprises here.

At one point I was sent a free drink for some reason (who questions such things) so there may have been a bit of the collegiate stumbling but in a prohibition era way. I don't know what that means. ANYWAY I would definitely recommend visiting this place if you're in town. If those walls could talk...


  1. Huzzah! It was nice to finally meet you. Keep talking to your friend Kelly and you will soon know the facts about Vivien Leigh!

    I'm glad you had a good time, you cats are fab.

  2. i shall! and someday i will read the anne edwards biography on my bookshelf though i guess that one isn't the best? from reading your site/seeing some of her films i know some things but compared to the two of you i was small fry.haha. i'm pretty sure your admiration could fuel a power plant.

  3. To be honest I haven't read all of the Anne Edwards book :S

  4. That sounds so incredible and so incredibly fun!! I wish I lived over there! That definitely sounds like a marvelous way to spend Spring Break!

  5. "Oh ho ho you have no idea what table you're messing with, sir."

    I giggle-snorted. He so DID NOT know who he was messing with. I hope he considers himself "school'd" now ;)

  6. sally-indeed it was! :D i enjoyed myself immensely

    rhette butler-maybe he'll think twice next time. :D though even after that he still seemed hellbent on outdoing us, but i think we put up a good fight.

    p.s. i walked down your old street yesterday and was like awww.

  7. Awww! The filmtastic memories...