Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creative Blogger Award

Thanks Harley for bestowing this awesome sauce award upon my blog. Or my person. I'm not really sure but it places me somewhere within six degrees of creativity which is exciting!

1. Copy the logo and paste it your blog. (Kate's a bad influence, b/c I'm not posting it either...and because neither of them posted it I don't even know what the logo is. So here's a fun picture from no copyright infringement intended please don't burn down my house. Go give them money to make great programs ok? ok).
2. Link the person from whom you received this coveted prize.
3. List seven facts about yourself that people would find interesting.
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and post links of the one you've nominated.

1. I have considered becoming a nun. This may be more colored by my skewed belief that all nuns do is sing in the hills or pal around with their mother superior who just happens to be Maggie Smith. I also just really like the idea of a life devoted to service of God and man minus the fact that I don't agree with all the tenets of catholicism and wouldn't wish to try to convert anyone or damn those who don't follow my belief system to hell.
2. I am an only child and no I have never asked for a pink pony in my entire life (stupid, I know).
3. I'm kind of obsessed with old ocean liners and would love to take a cruise but know I would be disappointed because it's not the same. The same applies for old trains and train stations. Basically any film involving cruise ships, trains, train stations or the singing nuns outlined in point one will instantly hold a fascination for me purely because of these elements.
4. I really really love collecting photography and fashion photography coffee table books though the collection is building slowly because they can be so expensive even with the glory that is used on amazon. My favorites are Doisneau, Margaret Bourke White, Ansel Adams and Eisenstaedt.
5. I really love school and feel so privileged to be going to university. I've never ever skipped a class because 1) each class has cost some money so it's basically like throwing money into the air and 2) even the classes I haven't been crazy about I figure there is always a chance that I may learn something that astounds me. This may make me a capital L loser (or Laverne, were this L actually pinned to my clothing) but I really don't care.
6. I sometimes wonder what certain stars would do in certain situations or if I have to exude confidence for whatever reason will, for example, think of Meryl Streep. You know, like the terrible musical theatre version of Fame. Because I'm insane.
7. The stars I most identify with for one crazy reason or another are Jean Arthur, Greer Garson and Deborah Kerr. I feel them kindred spirits. Yet again because I am insane. I don't take astrology seriously but I find it interesting that we all happen to be libras. Note: Clearly I do not think myself as amazing as any of these people.


  1. I love your #5. I'll admit to skipping class every once in a while, but I do so love being in school. I look at college as the only opportunity I'll ever have to dedicate myself solely to learning about anything that interests me. I can't imagine squandering that like so many of our peers do.

  2. Well said, it is not an opportunity to be wasted!

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