Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cary Grant-a definition of a favorite actor

A reporter in search of information wired Grant's agent: "HOW OLD CARY GRANT?" Grant happened to read the message himself, and wired back "OLD CARY GRANT FINE. HOW YOU?" (via imdb)

Cary Grant [arch-i-bald leach]
  1. Entertainer
  2. Actor
  3. Icon
  1. To want to be Cary Grant.
  2. To just go gay all of a sudden.
  3. To remind you of a man (what man?)
  1. "What one would hope a movie star would be like" - Elizabeth Taylor*
  2. A man who wears a suit and doesn't let the suit wear him
*via "Evenings With Cary Grant"


1. Debonair 2. Witty 3. Individual 4. Introspective 5. Unsure 6. Matchmaker (see: Rosalind Russell)


  1. i love this. oh, archie, why you so cute?

  2. I LOVE THIS MAN (pretends to be in diamond commercial)

  3. OK, I'm totally in love with your blog!

  4. Oh I love love love love love this post!!

  5. Clever! I love that "Old Cary Grant" story.

  6. Cary Grant is my absolute FAVORITE! He actually introduced me to Katharine Hepburn through The Philadelphia Story. They made four pictures together; two of them have become true classics. I love your reference here to Bringing Up Baby ("I just went GAY all of a sudden!"), which is my personal Hepburn favorite.
    I just wrote a post about The Philadelphia Story, more of a feminist reading. I do hope you'll check it out and let me know how you like it!

  7. Hello Margaret! I adore him too. I've added your post to my reading list. Thanks for the nice comment.