Saturday, December 19, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful

The great thing about a blizzard is that it provides the perfect opportunity to snuggle under many layers of quilts, catch up on my movie watching and make a dent in the 300 tea bags I brought home from Britain. I even have some corn for popping.

It also gives me an excuse to post clips from White Christmas.

I would make a list of my favorite holiday films but they have all been aptly covered from Christmas classics such as It's A Wonderful Life, The Shop Around The Corner and White Christmas to lesser known gems Christmas in Connecticut, The Bishop's Wife, Christmas in July and Remember the Night. You kids keep me creative.

Though I have been absent from the bloggersphere, I have found other outlets for sharing my love of the old and too oft forgotten. Over the fall semester I worked for a company called Raindance Film which is devoted to assisting independent filmmakers and a demystification of the industry. They post a weekly newsletter with tips and tricks of the trade, including a few articles I have written on film casting, twitter tips, etc. My favorite section is called amnesia, a category devoted to forgotten films that deserve a second look. A love of all things old made me a perfect candidate to write such articles, and I have become their resident "amnesia expert" a title I wear very proudly. Here are a few of my pieces that may be of interest:

(/shameless promotion)

Fail of the day goes to the weather channel. In an attempt to link our current snowy state to the year 1922, the last time we have seen a storm of such magnitude, they painted this bygone era as a time before bubble gum, car radios and the year the jazz singer was released. I think we need a fact check on aisle 3.


  1. What a cute scene! And nice to see you back! ;)

  2. What a cool opportunity! It sounds like your time in Britain was amazing. Did you bring back some PG Tips tea?

  3. I really had the time of my life, and there is more forthcoming! I didn't bring home PG Tips because I had heard from a friend that I could find it here (every inch of my suitcases were packed let me tell you) but I brought home a ton of twinings (which apparently I can find here as well...whoops) and some whittards original. Though more expensive it is my favorite blend.