Thursday, August 6, 2009

Myrna Loy-a definition of a favorite actress

"Why does every black person in the movies have to play a servant? How about a black person walking up the steps of a court house carrying a briefcase?"

Myrna Loy [a-dele will-iams]
  1. Actress
  2. Activist
  3. Arch nemesis of Gracie Allen? 
  1. Being and  becoming
  2. To stare down racist scum and republicans with great contempt
  3. To pass the nuts. I mean, pass the guests the nuts
  1. The eternal good sex woman wife
  2. A lanky brunette with a wicked jaw

1. Witty 2. Arch 3. Defiant 4. Natural 5. Inspirational


  1. Man, this seems to have been forgotten in my dictionary. Stupid Webster. ;)

    aha, what's this about her and Gracie Allen?

  2. ooh I hope you make this a series!! :D

  3. LOVE it!

    I rather wonder about the tales regarding her and Gracie. I figure she was probably just having "one of those days" like we all do from time to time. Otherwise I can't see any reason for jealousy or hatred, especially coming from Minnie!

  4. juliette-it's a very recent addition :D

    according to george burns two things that gracie had no tolerance for were rudeness of any kind or people making fun of george. the story goes that gracie was at a party of marion davies, i'm assuming in the 30s. at the time she was a great fan of myrna and loved her work in the thin man movies. gracie was talking to marion and myrna came up to talk to marion. reportedly she cut directly into their conversation and started talking to marion without saying anything to gracie. after this awkwardness marion asked myrna if she had met gracie allen (which she had not) and myrna coldly said "yes, we've met" and then turned and walked away. After that whenever Gracie watched the thin man movies she only watched william powell. :P

    and to be fair (because i agree with elsie) though i think she could be quite cool and reserved i think it was just one of those days. she can kind of do no wrong in my book.

    kate-i may just do that! :D

    elsie-i quite agree with you, elsie. i just think it's an amusing i have no doubt that myrna could be cool if she wanted to be (according to roz russell she was pretty reserved on the set of evelyn prentice while powell was incredibly warm and helpful, though they later became friend because roz lived just up the hill from her for a time) but i don't think she meant any real hostility toward gracie, just a bad day. either way i still admire both of them immensely.

  5. Haha, at first I thought you were going to say Myrna had made fun of George. :)

    I'm gonna choose to believe it was just an off day for Myrna, because Gracie Allen is just dandy in my book.

    Thanks for the explanation!

  6. sure thing! and i quite agree. :)

  7. glad it has the cara stamp of approval. :)

  8. I love those definitions and that picture of Myrna is divine :D

  9. Meredith: I loved this post. My favorite Myrna Loy role? Glad you asked. As Fa Lo See in 1932s The Mask of Fu Manchu. When reading the script, she remarked "Why, this is obscene!" She went on to give a supernatuarally sexual performance. What. A. Woman. -- Mykal

  10. mykal-glad you answered! :D that's one i STILL haven't seen aside from a few hilarious clips. i think my favorite of the faux ethnic myrna performances is thirteen women. i mean, she puts an explosive in a bouncy ball and tries to hypnotize irene dunne off of a movie train, what's not to love i ask you?

  11. He he, love the embedded Thin Man quotes.