Friday, August 21, 2009

foggy days in london town

Dear Readers,

Amongst the packing and panicking I just wanted to let you all know that because I will be studying abroad for the fall semester, my hop across the pond being only a few days away, I will be on hiatus until December. I hope to still pop in from time to time (and potentially post a few things) but my ability to do so will be entirely unreliable as I will want to spend every second I can exploring my new surroundings. Once I return to the states I definitely want to continue blogging, so no I haven't deserted my little internet spec and I hope to find you all here and well when I return. :)

Also: Go participate in Millie's Hitchcock birthday bash! I'm sorry I wasn't able to.

I leave you with pictures of some seriously fierce british people.


  1. :'(!!!

    I'm gonna miss you Meredith! But, I hope you have a splendid time abroad!

    And, thanks so much for mentioning Hitchcock's Birthday Bash! I wish you could join in too.

    You can always write me a post in December though...:-)

    I hope you have a wonderful time! And, I'm really gonna miss your blog!

  2. And what about starting a four-month long "My Crazy Adventures in London" blog? Imagine telling us of your times eating fish-n-chips, getting lost on the underground, and visiting stone henge! Quality stuff right there.

    Think about it ;)

    Have a great time! Will miss you much!

  3. Oh really? Well then I would love to! :) Thank you, hopefully I will be able to post/check in from time to time. I'll see how things go once i settle in.

  4. and rhette butler-i would but i imagine it will be enough of a struggle for me to keep up my paper journal! i've gotten terrible at writing things down lately which is not good. Buutt if I'm able to update on here there will definitely be some posts with my adventures. :)

  5. Have fun and much luck to you! I hope you'll post about your adventures. :)

  6. I love London so am very jealous. Have some fish and chips for me. All the best.

  7. Elsie-Thank you! I definitely will.

    Richard-I will definitely do that. :)

  8. Meredith: Best of luck with your studies. You must be very excited. -- Mykal

  9. Studying abroad was easily the best experience of my life. Have a wonderful semester!

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