Saturday, July 25, 2009

saturday morning confessional

I own the first season of this show on dvd. Because I'm still eight. And still wish that I had a gigantic vault full of money to dive into.

What are your favorite cartoons from childhood? I'm feeling nostalgic this morning.


  1. Ducktales <3

    Lately I've been watching Inspector Gadget on Hulu. Because I love a good inept crime-fighting man/robot vs. thinly-veiled communist inspired villain premise.

    I miss Saturday morning cartoons. I remember how depressed I got when Disney and Nickelodeon took it over with their non-cartoon shows. I used to watch X-men like it was my job.

    Based on all my favourite shows I think I really want to fight crime?

  2. aww that was a cute show too. i'd be lying if i said i missed saturday morning cartoons because i never woke up early enough for

    then you should do so! the world needs you, r.

  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all the way! I sincerely want to regress into childhood so I don't have to face the job market, or lack thereof. Nostalgia? Hell yes.

  4. still no luck? :( the world is missing out, rhette butler.

  5. Animaniacs. They were my constant, my loves as a child. Now I have nothing to live for.

    Haha, I was kidding, but then tried to think of what I do live for. I'm not sure anyone should attempt to do that on a Sunday night. Ho hum.

  6. i don't recall watching a lot of the animaniacs, but the theme song is one of the catchiest in the history of catchy cartoon themes, no doubt!