Friday, June 26, 2009

friday night confessional

In an attempt to start weekly features that I may or may not keep up with due to work and the work I have to do when I am not at work, I've decided to start a weekend post that is entirely informal because I'm always exhausted by this time but feel guilty when I don't keep up with this blog. It is reserved for random youtube videos, the mysteries of the world (who are we? why are we here? and more importantly, why the hell did ava gardner marry mickey rooney?), or any other form of ramblings because I know that hardly anyone reads blogs on the weekends and plan to take full advantage of this thin veil of secrecy. Cue diabolical laughter. Because I work during the week I always feel like I miss the peak time and therefore have not really posted much that is really worth reading, and for that I apologize and hope that I don't lose any readership for I plan on posting better posts in the future.

With that said...My Confession?

I went through a Facts of Life phase. 
Phase is really too weak a word. Even obsession is too weak a word.

I taped every single episode on vhs. I was still a wee idiot and had no idea how to pre-record, so I woke up at 4am because I desperately wanted to see the Christmas episode where Lisa Welchel sings. I learned to play the theme song on my flute. I roped one of my other friends into writing all the cast members letters when Nancy McKeon didn't want to do the reunion movie. My friend got an autographed headshot from Nancy McKeon...which in my eyes did not make up for not doing the reunion movie. I then looked up McKeon's family tree online, thinking that we may be part of the same Scottish clan... 

Many years later, after this dark period had passed, I met Charlotte Rae after a play, where she either said "get a life" or "that's my ride." It should be noted that she then got into a moving vehicle, but I'm still not convinced. John Astin, an incredibly kind person from the several minutes he spent talking with me, was also in the show and introduced me to his son Mackenzie Astin, who came to see his father in the play and was on the later years of FOL as Andy Moffett. 

Unfortunately, none of this embarrassment ever led to a chance meeting with George Clooney.

But despite how my tastes have changed, this is never not hilarious.


  1. I believe you will catch George Clooney one day. Ellen was able to do it. You can too! I'll help. *joins in with diabolical laughther*