Saturday, May 9, 2009

home on the range

You Know You Are Too Obsessed With The Big Valley When...
  1. You try to inject the phrase "boy howdy" into everyday conversation.
  2. You upload clips from the show on youtube (with more to come)
  3. You wonder 'what would Victoria Barkley do' in any given situation
  4. You want to retroactively marry Heath or Jarrod, even if it means things will inevitably come to a horrible end where you get shot, are ordered away by your fake Spanish father because it's 1965 and apparently white actors make better Mexicans, or you simply do not fit in with the fierce lifestyle that the Barkleys are accustomed to
  5. You start to note the regular directors of the show and their style
  6. You get especially excited when an episode is directed by Paul Henreid
  7. You expect any troubles in your life to be tidily resolved in fifty minutes time, and for justice and order to always be upheld
  8. You want to master the Barbara Stanwyck look of defiance

  9. You wish you could trade in your car for a horse or a stagecoach

  10. and most importantly...
You just wish you could've been a tv Barkley


  1. *squee* How I LOOOVE this show too. What a fabulous post :D

    My biggest wish: THAT they would release the rest of the show on DVD *hopeful*.

  2. same here!! i have one more disc left of season 1, then what they have of season 2, then i simply don't know what i'll do.

  3. Not at all surprised to see a post like this. You are *so* obsessed!

  4. r-indeed, but has my rampant promotion gotten you to watch it yet. that's the question. :D