Monday, April 27, 2009

one of my favorite scenes from Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious, starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains

At the Racetrack

Dev: Hello!
Alicia: Oh hello!
Dev: I thought I saw you.
Alicia: How are you?
Dev: Fine thanks. Great turnout, isn't it?
Dev: Where are they?
Alicia: In a box, in the stands. Alex and his mother. I don't think they can see us.
Dev: Don't telephone me anymore, just rely upon my popping up.
Alicia: Can you hear me?
Dev: Sure, go ahead.
Alicia: Ever heard of a Dr. Anderson?
Dev: No.
Alicia: He's some kind of a scientist. Kind face, 60 years old, grey hair, deep crease in the forehead.
Dev: Tall or short?
Alicia: Short. Emil Hoopka, heard of him?
Dev: No
Alicia: He made quite a stir about a wine bottle the other night.
Dev: Didn't like vintage?
Alicia: He seemed to think there was something else in the bottle.
Dev: Was there?
Alicia: No, it was wine, we drank it.
Dev: Has he pulled anything since?
Alicia: I haven't seen him since.
Dev; Anything else?
Alicia: Nothing of importance, just a minor item you might want for the record.
Dev: What is it?
Alicia: You can add Sebastian's name to my list of playmates.
Dev: Pretty fast work.
Alicia: that's what you wanted, wasn't it?
Dev: Skip it.
Alicia: Are you betting on this race?
Dev: No.
Alicia: Alex says Number 10 is sure to win, he knows the owner.
Dev: Thanks for the tip.
Alicia: Alex says they have been holding him back all season, they-
Dev: I can't help recalling some of your remarks, about being a new woman, daisies and buttercups, wasn't it?
Alicia: Oh you idiot. What are you sore about? You knew what I was doing.
Dev: Did I?
Alicia: You could have stopped me with one word but no, you went and threw me at him.
Dev: I threw you at nobody.
Alicia: Didn't you tell me to go ahead?
Dev: A man doesn't tell a woman what to do she tells herself. You almost had me believing in that little hokey pokey miracle of yours, that a woman like you could ever change her spots.
Alicia: Oh you rotten-
Dev: That's why I didn't stop you. The answer had to come from you.
Alicia: I see, some kind of love test.
Dev: That's right. I thought, she'll never be able to go through with it, she's been made over by love.
Alicia: If you only once had said that you loved me. Dev-
Dev: Listen you've chalked up another boyfriend, that's all. No harm done.
Alicia: I hate you.
Dev: There's not occasion to, you're doing good work. Number 10 is out in front, looks as if Sebastian knows how to pick them.
Alicia: Is that all you have to say to me?
Dev: Dry your eyes, baby, it's out of character. And keep on your toes it's a tough job we're on.
Snap out of it here comes dreamboat.

Alicia: Oh hello Alex! It was so exciting, a beautiful horse. do you remember Mr. Devlin?
Alex: How do you do?
Dev: Hello, Alicia tells me you had a bet on Number 10, sorry I didn't get the tip earlier. So long.
Alicia: See you sometimes, Dev.
It was a wonderful race, did you have much money on the winner?
Alex: I didn't see the race.
Alicia: Didn't you? I thought I saw you looking through your field glasses.
Alex: I was watching you and your friend, Mr. Devlin. I assume that's why you left my mother and me, you had an appointment to meet him.
Alicia: Don't be absurd. I met him purely by accident.
Alex: You didn't seem very anxious to get away from him.
Alicia: Oh he's just-
Alex: I watched you. I thought...maybe you were in love with him.
Alicia: Don't talk like that, I detest him.
Alex: Really? He's very good looking.
Alicia: Alex I've told you before, Mr. Devlin doesn't mean a thing to me.
Alex: I'd like to believe that. I'd like to be convinced. Would you maybe like to convince me, Alicia, that Mr. Devlin means nothing to you?

And Scene


  1. Great! I read through this scene and the screenshots like the wind! I love this film, it's so mysterious and yet so simple. Hitchcock at his best.
    I love your self description! I, too, love to sing along to Edith Piaf with my self made French!

  2. lolita-thanks! lol i'm the same way, i'm sure whatever i'm saying isn't actually french but as long as we're having fun with it. :D

    grant and bergman's chemistry was just perfection, and i love how seamlessly it transitions into a more tender scene.

  3. Cool post! I wish I could screencap!

  4. graciebird-thank you! :) have you tried vlc player? that's what i use.